Keegan-Filion Farms

The farm was started in the early 1930’s by Annie’s great grandfather and grandfather.  Over the years the farm has raised cotton, corn, soybeans, peanuts, beef cows, and hogs, but was best known as a local producer of eggs.  Until 1974 Annie’s grandfather tended a flock of 20,000 white leghorn chickens and sold eggs to local restaurants and out of the back of his pick up throughout Walterboro.

Annie and Marc are the 4th generation to farm this land.  Keegan-Filion Farm was started in 1986 when Annie and Marc began raised conventional vegetables and had a small, 200 head, flock of laying hens and sold their produce and eggs at the Walterboro Farmers Market.  They also raised 800 head of hogs a year on pasture and sold the hogs directly to Smithfield.  In the mid 90’s they shut the hog operation down due to low prices and Smithfield’s move toward corporate ownership of hogs.

After talking to friends about health issues with their young daughter, Annie and Marc decided to move towards more sustainable farming practices and to concentrate their operation on raising pastured meats without the use of antibiotics or animal proteins.  They also felt people shouldn’t have to be wealthy to be able to afford clean, healthy, meat and decided to market their products direct to the consumer at the most reasonable price possible.  In 2006 they began participating in the Summerville Farmers market and were the first farm in the area to supply meat to local restaurants. 

Today the farm raises over 15,000 pastured broilers, 800 free range turkeys, 300 pastured hogs, and 35 grass fed beef a year along with tending a flock of 1,200 laying hens.  The feed required to grow the chickens, turkeys, and hogs is specially ground to their formula, using no antibiotics or animal proteins (it is illegal to use hormones or steroids in chicken, turkey, and hog feeds) and delivered fresh from the mill weekly.   All of their meat is hand processed at a USDA, Certified Humane processing plant in Kingstree SC.