Jennifer Graham is the owner and operator of Farm to Table Delivery, LLC.  She is dedicated to providing clean, fresh, natural, and wholesome meats, eggs, and dairy products.  She is affiliated with Keegan-Filion Farm which specializes in pasture raised pork, chicken, turkey, and grass fed beef.  The products are naturally raised and free of hormones and antibiotics.

Jennifer was born and raised in Zachary, LA.  Her family raised beef cattle and chickens.  Her summers were spent working in the vegetable garden and putting up produce for the winter months.  She loved spending time in her grandmother’s greenhouse.  Jennifer also has a background in nutrition as a dietary manager in hospitals and nursing homes.    

Jennifer has lived in St. George, SC for nearly 20 years and is blessed to have six acres of land to care for.  She maintains a vegetable garden and raises chickens.  Her belief in a lifestyle that promotes health and care of the earth has led her to begin composting using all natural waste products from wood chips, leaves, and fruit and vegetable pulp.  She also now has her own greenhouse. 

And, she plans to begin beekeeping in early 2015 to aid in plant pollination.  

Farm to Table Delivery is amazing! Jennifer is so awesome and knowledgable! The meat is so good and so fresh! It’s great to be able to eat clean meats at such great prices and have it delivered to your home!
— Tina